3 Things to Know When Buying a Hair Straightener Brush

Women who claim the hair straightener brush is the best hair styling tool on the market usually have a number of reasons that ground their opinion: (1) flat irons tend to cost more, and for many needs, a hair straightener brush will provide the same results at a fraction of the cost. (2) a hot air brush is safer, (3) the right hair straightener brush is healthier because negative ions are better for damaged hair, and (4) the styling process is much easier compared to ironing. And just like a good flat iron, a hair straightener brush will give your hair the desired shape all day long. The key is to buy a high quality hair straightener brush from a top hair styling tools company, in order to rake in all the benefits. In the meantime, here are three things to look for in your hunt.

  1. The Brand of Your Hair Straightener Brush

Like most things, the brand of your hair straightener brush matters. Think about a brand like Apple; a large number of consumers trust Apple simply for its brand reputation, which is known for high-quality, innovation, award-winning history, its low probability to get a virus, its accessories, features and design.

Now let’s look at a hair styling tools brand as an example: Instyler. There are many high-quality hair styling tool brands out there, but in this example we will use Instyler as an unbiased example. This brand has won numerous awards for technology, innovation, and reader’s choice awards for top beauty magazines. They also hold a number of pattons and use only the highest quality materials. So when you buy a hair straightener brush from a brand like this, you know you are making a quality investment.

  1. Size and Weight Matters for a Hair Straightener Brush

Why buy a heavy, clunky hair straightener brush that looks like it was made in the 70s when you can invest in one that is smaller, light-weight, and that can easily be packed into a suitcase for traveling, or even in a gym bag? Look for a Mini version of a hair straightener brush to get the most use. Just make sure it offers the same power and has the same benefits shared by larger modern examples. You also don’t want it to be too heavy, otherwise you can get hand and wrist fatigue, or even get cramps.

  1. Find a Hair Straightener Brush with these Features

One sure way to know you are investing in a high-quality hair straightener brush is by its features. Here are a selection of hair straightener brush features you should have:

  • Instant heat up to 400°F
  • A digital temperature display for easy reading
  • Cool Tip ionic bristles
  • Automatic shut off
  • Ceramic heated plates
  • 5′ professional swivel cord
  • Dual voltage for international use

Design matters too; you want the hair straightener brush to not only feel good in your hand by having a thoughtful handle design, but the rest of the hair styling tool should be aesthetically pleasing, have a modern look, and offer a level of excitement every time you use it.