3 Ways a Wall Mounted Charging Station Adds Value to Shopping Centers

Shopping center developers know first hand that they need to execute a sales-driven design. From strategically placing eating areas near specific stores, to creating reasons for people to congregate in various areas, anything that can draw people and enhance the guest experience will reflect on the bottom line.

Now more than ever shopping center developers are investing in a custom wall mounted charging station for cell phones and other mobile devices. This article will explore three ways these devices help to generate revenue for shopping centers, and the businesses within them. 

  1. Appeal to Shopper’s Needs

The best way to attract shoppers is to accommodate their lifestyle, and as we all know, anyone from 15 to 65 is likely glued to their mobile devices, all for various reasons. From staying connected to social media to keeping abreast to work emails, and from doing consumer research at the mall, to simply staying connected with friends and family, we all need our cell phones no matter where we go. That said, ensuring mobile devices stay charged is critical. When adding a wall mounted charging station to waiting areas, near popular stores, in the food court, and by children’s areas, you can expect guests to stay longer, and when people stay longer, sales will increase. 

  1. Consider a Wall Mounted Charging Station that Secures Phones and Motivates Foot Traffic

Some people will leave the mall when the battery life on their phone dwindles down. However, when shopping centers have a secure wall mounted charging station, people can lock up their phones in locker style charging units, take the key, shop the mall, and return to their phone in an hour to find it sake and fully charged. With this assurance, people will visit more stores and increase to the foot traffic that generates revenue.

  1. Direct Marketing

Shopping mall chains spend millions of dollars a year on advertising and marketing. But a wall mounted charging station placed at every end of the mall, in the food court, and in frequently  visited areas can collect critical data on buyers without the need for teams of people and advanced tech platforms such as CRMs. When shoppers plug in their phones a screen on the wall mounted charging station can broadcast daily deals, new products, promotes sales events, and so much more. In fact, fun interactive surveys can help marketers learn what the major pain points are that shoppers have, and collect the necessary data to make improvements that attribute to direct revenue gains. 

Are you competing for a bid to build a major shopping center? Are you the CEO and you want the developers to add as many growth-driven devices as possible? Contact a company that engineers custom wall mounted charging stations and learn how you can make your shopping center the talk of the town.