How Military Power Supplies Empower Our Armed Forces

When most people think of military might, they drum up images of nuclear aircraft carriers headed out to sea, fleets of tanks rolling through combat zones, and fighter jets hitting mach 2 on their way to hit bombing targets. And without companies that design custom military power supplies like DC to AC inverters, AC to DC converters, AC to DC inverters and a step up transformer, these images would be fragments of a dream. In order for aircraft carriers, tanks, jets, radar, defense systems and ground combat communication to take place, custom military power supplies need to be engineered for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. This article will explain how military power supplies help empower our armed forces.

How Military Power Supplies Enable Ground Combat Communication

When it comes to military communications, there are six categories. These include cryptography, alert measurement systems, signal corps, military radio systems, nuclear command control and network-centric warfare. When a state of war, act of terrorism or a military attack is made against a state, ground crews are dispatched for a variety of reasons and rely heavily on communication systems. Military power supplies are used in the field to enable everything from equipment that performs cryptography (converting messages to unreadable formats to those who aren’t involved in the strategy) to radar operations and ground to air communications. DC to AC inverters can be used to power communication equipment in the field that relies messages to air crews en route to lend support. These military power supplies must be rugged and capable of withstanding the massive jolt of artillery fire while being lightweight and easy to transport.

Military Power Supplies Launch Specialty Missiles

Another way military power supplies empower our armed forces is by enabling missile strikes. Military power supplies enable fighter jets like the F-22 Raptor to fire AMRAAM AIM-120C missiles through a series of power sources activated by the pilot that activate the missile and the jet’s release system. Then there are specialty missiles like a submarine-launched ballistic missile powered by custom military power supplies. Here, multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles carry nuclear warheads and permit for a single launched missile to strike multiple targets. Military power supplies provide energy to the components that control the launch and targeting accoutrements, as well as the missile itself and the launching mechanism.

Testing and Customization

The best military power supplies are tested in real-life simulations in which the temperature, pressure, moisture, altitude and a number of other controlled variables are set into motion. High standards for quality control and testing are crucial for empowering our armed forces, as military power supplies are guaranteed to meet the high standards and prove they can perform in the harshest conditions. Without proper testing communication and defense systems could experience critical fails that can result in a loss of life, and even a lost war effort. This is also why it is critical that military power supplies be customized to work with other systems in place so that ideal solutions can be offered and granted during exact moments of need.