3 Reasons Why an IMG Agency Makes the US Clinical Experience Easier for Foreign Students

Whether you are a student from India with a family to support, or you are located in Bangladesh finishing up some unsettled business before you can move on to pursue your career in medicine, having the best US clinical experience that aligns with your desired field and needs is critical to ensuring a productive and positive experience.

However, just applying and getting everything prepared for your future arrival requires a great degree of research, time and effort on your part. One of the best investments you or your family can make into your career as a medical doctor is to invest in an IMG agency that delivers a custom US clinical experience that will help make you successful and fulfilled. 

Here are three main reasons why an IMG agency enables easier access to having the best US clinical experience. 

  1. An IMG Agency Does All the Time-Consuming Research for Students

Researching various hospitals, programs, staff, opportunities, and visa requirements is laborious work creates stress and prevents students from spending time with their family before leaving to have the US clinical experience. In fact, this is one of the leading reasons why family members pool funds together to invest in an IMG agency for their loved one–they not only get to spend precious time with them before they are gone for several years, but they also give the student the gift of avoiding stress while ensuring things are done accurately. 

You have made it this far, and now you face a competitive battlefield for finding the best residency programs and getting LORs that will further your career. Work with the experts to ensure things are done the right way, and in a climate that’s stress-free.  

  1. An IMG Agency Helps Students Get LORs that have an Impact

Having a letter of recommendation on a hospital letterhead from a respected institution under the guidance of someone who is at the top of their field will significantly increase the student’s chance of going anywhere in the medical field relevant to their desired area. An IMG agency makes the US clinical experience easier because they have a strategic direction in placing medical graduates in the right place, to get the right LORs. These letters will need to highlight specifics, and an IMG agency has the insights necessary to helping students have the US clinical experience that will set them up to get LORs that highlight the right subjects necessary for furthering their career. 

  1. An IMG Agency Delivers Cultural Readiness, Housing, and Comfort

In order to have the best US clinical experience, students will need to feel relaxed, comfortable, and have conveniences so that they can clearly focus on their duties and education at the hospital. An IMG agency will take your priorities and find you the right housing based on your needs. Some students like to be walking distance from the hospital, while others will have a car and want to live in a trendy neighborhood with a great nightlife. Then there are students who want to live in quiet  areas in the suburbs near public transportation. Whatever your needs are, an IMG agency can set you up to feel at home, away from home.