How to Find the Best Oil Tank Removal and Environmental Remediation Services for Commercial Properties in NJ

Every year in NJ, businesses are hit with tremendous losses due to buried oil tanks leaking toxins in the ground, the cleanup costs, and the fines handed down by the state and federal government. The sad thing is this: most of these “victim companies” had no idea they had a buried oil tank because they were totally unaware of the risks.

The fact is that from 1890 to 1915 (roughly) oil tanks were buried on properties to supply factories and other structures with heat and hot water. Unfortunately for today’s business owners, those tanks were built to last for 90 to 100 years. This means that oil tanks have been deteriorating into the ground for some time, and continue to today. Sometimes buried oil tanks are obvious, as vents can sometimes be visibly seen protruding from the ground. But in most cases, there are no visible warning signs. This is why it is highly advantageous to call a local NJ oil tank removal and environmental remediation company to ensure the integrity of your business and its exterior are hazard-free and safe from lawsuits. But how can a business owner or supervisor choose the best oil tank removal and environmental remediation company from a long list of competitors? This article will offer some tips.

Make Sure the Oil Tank Removal Company is a Multi-Disciplinary One

Oil tank removal and environmental remediation services go hand-in-hand. So finding a provider that offers both of these, and other services you may potentially need without any warning, is critical. One suck NJ oil tank removal company that understands this is Tslack–a multidisciplinary environmental contracting and remediation service provider that specializes in soil remediation, oil tank removal, and demolition. The company you partner with should also be licensed to transfer oil tanks to be disposed of. 

Look into the Oil Tank Removal Company’s Background and Reputation

You will want to invest in oil tank removal and environmental remediation services from a veteran company that has been in business for decades and that prides itself on being a top provider. Make sure the company has existed for at least 30 years, as this is a good time for any oil tank removal company to prove their value due to the fact they weathered the storm when the industry rose in its fierce competitiveness. Anyone that can continuously grow over the span of three decades is clearly doing everything right and is a testimony to high-quality service.

Make Sure they Offer Liability Insurance

Sometimes even the best oil tank removal companies for industrial properties run into unexpected issues that result in some damage. That said, look for an environmental remediation and oil tank removal experts that offers pollution and liability insurance. And make sure the amount of insurance offered is reasonable. The best providers will offer five million dollars worth of liability insurance, and anything less simply isn’t reasonable.