How to Find the King of All Austin Lunch Spots

Austin is one of America’s top culinary destinations. With fleets of food trucks, innovative gastro pubs, and high-quality restaurants that represent virtually every country you can think of, you can literally spend a year eating out every day and still not get the full culinary experience. That said, it will serve you well to find the best Austin lunch spots and get those out of the way. This article is intended to help foodies discover the king of all Austin lunch spots because you might as well start with the top one and work your way down. 

Start with a French Restaurant Austin Offers

First of all, it is important to define a single cuisine type that could be a perfect candidate for being the leader of the best Austin lunch spots. French food is ideal because it isn’t entirely non-familiar, and it is also decadent while offering lots of variety. In addition, French restaurants have an amazing wine list, divine pastries, an amazing selection of appetizers and main courses, and rich espresso and coffee to enjoy after the meal. 

Group Dining Options

The best Austin lunch spots should have a spacious dining area that will accommodate large lunch parties. Whether you are inviting co-workers out to reward them for their performance, or you have family coming in to celebrate your birthday, you will want to have enough space to comfortably accommodate all and hold fast to a feeling of intimacy.

The Chef at Austin Lunch Spots

Cuisine is only as good as the chef. That said, there are two things to look for in a chef that will prepare your food: passion and skill. In regard to skill, they should have graduated from a reputable culinary school, and they should have passion. This passion can come from old family recipes, travel to France, or childhood memories around dinner parties. 

Authentic Menu

Forget about French fusion; it isn’t authentic and you are therefore paying a markup on reinterpreted food with inferior ingredients. Look for a lunch menu that offers a great raw bar and traditional appetizers. The best of all Austin lunch spots will have oysters, escargot, a cheese board, steak tartare, smoked trout brandade, mussels and fries, French onion soup, and homemade breads. As for main courses, expect to see chicken paillard, and some fish dishes like trout almondine. As for desserts you should anticipate classic macaroons, creme brulee, vacherin, Paris brest and a chocolate bomb. There should also be a selection of ice cream and sorbets, and dessert cheeses. 

When you can locate a French restaurant that hits all of these points, it is safe to say you have found the king of all Austin lunch spots.