How to Find the Best Dinner in Austin for Large Groups

When there is a call for a celebration, most people go out for dinner and invite their family and closest friends. If it is to celebrate a work-related event such as retirement or a promotion, than it is customary to invite co-workers. Either way, you need to book a reservation to have the best dinner in Austin that will accommodate all diets and tastes, as well as having enough room to host such a gathering. This article is intended to help large dining parties find the best dinner in Austin to meet all of their needs.

Why an Italian Restaurant Poses the Best Dinner in Austin

An Italian restaurant offers the best dinner in Austin for a number of reasons. First of all, a high quality Italian restaurant will offer familiar cuisine such as pizza and various types of pasta for people who like to stick with what they know, as well as other dishes that are more exotic like charred octopus and lamb scottadito. 

The best Italian restaurants in Austin also have gluten-free options for people who require such a diet. Look for a restaurant with gluten-free pizza or pasta to ensure nobody is left out. Italian cuisine also has numerous options for meat-eaters, vegetarians, pescatarians, and vegans. This is valuable because it means your dinner guests will have a plethora of options. Finally, Italian restaurants are known for having a spectacular wine list, and whenever large groups get together, having a few bottles of wine is a given. 

Now that it is clear why the best dinner in Austin resides in an Italian restaurant, how do you identify the best Italian restaurants from the poor ones?

Private Dining for the Best Dinner in Austin

You can’t enjoy the best dinner in Austin for a large group without private dining options. Some restaurants have a single room for a private party, but only the best offer multiple private dining experiences. Aside from a private room you should be able to have a private event on the patio, at the bar, or in a designated part of the floor’s layout. Option and variety is paramount to having the best dinner in Austin.

The Chef

The best dinner in Austin can only be experienced if the chef has a native relationship to the cuisine’s origin. That said, when dining at an Italian restaurant in Austin, look for a chef that was raised in Italy that has a natural passion for his homeland’s cuisine. In other words, find a chef that doesn’t interpret Italian food–these guys are a dime a dozen and such a twist rids the plate of any authenticity. Instead, demand a chef that stays true to his Italian heritage by presenting the same dishes one would enjoy if they traveled to Italy. Finally, these dishes should represent all regions of the country from the southern Mediterranean flavors with seafood to the central  regions that boast lamb dishes, and to the north where beef tenderloin is king. Make sure the chef offers a geographic culinary journey that’s as authentic as your love for good food.