Looking for a Backhoe Loader for Sale? Here’s Why You Should Consider Case

Backhoe loaders are one of the most popular pieces of heavy machinery. They are used for small demolition projects, construction, light transportation of building materials, agriculture and farming, excavation / digging holes, breaking asphalt, powering building equipment and paving roads. Arguably, they are the most critical piece to any construction fleet, as a backhoe loader performs the task of three machines in one, works in tight spaces, and is used by multiple industries to perform a variety of roles. That said, finding a backhoe loader for sale that will prove to be a solid investment is paramount to your ability to grow and complete jobs at a rate of perfection. 

Case is the preferred brand for seeking a backhoe loader for sale, according to multiple surveys that ran through the construction, urban planning, and arming industries. This article is intended to help fleet managers across all industries learn why Case is the go-too brand for those seeking a backhoe loader for sale. 

A Case Backhoe Loader for Sale is Built on Solid Innovation

When looking for a backhoe loader for sale, would you rather buy one from the company that actually invented them, or from one of many brands that copies the machine’s design? In the mid 40s Case designed and engineered the world’s first backhoe loader for a Massachusetts water utility; they wanted a piece of construction machinery that could perform the roles of three machines in one, and Case had the expertise to develop the backhoe loader making them a true pioneer in the world of construction machinery. So when looking for a backhoe loader for sale, start with the inventor and contact a Case dealership. 

Master Technicians 

When you buy a Case backhoe loader for sale, you automatically get the privilege of having 24/7 access to Master Technicians. While many brands that offer a backhoe loader for sale recruit mechanics from tech schools, Case trains experts to work strictly on their own backhoe loaders, so when you buy a Case backhoe loader for sale, you get a highly skilled crew of techs. In fact, to become a Master Technician, mechanics must pass a grueling written exam followed by a hands-on test that is overseen by an instructor. So with a Case backhoe loader comes the best hands and minds in the industry to keep your machine in top working order–something that extends its lifetime value and ensures it is road-ready for every project. 

Case Dealerships are Conveniently Located, Your Backhoe Gets Quick Service

Another benefit of buying a Case backhoe loader for sale is that Case dealerships are scattered across the country and are almost always close enough to any worksite or company headquarters. In fact, Sonsray Machinery represents the largest collection of Case dealerships on the west coast with locations all over Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Southern and Northern California. This means that any fleet manager who buys a Case backhoe loader for sale will get convenient access to a number of locations for fast parts deliveries, speedy repairs, and easy maintenance. 

Call a Case construction dealership today and discover more benefits in investing in a new backhoe loader for sale.