Why a NJ Oil Tank Removal Company Should be Part of Your Home Improvement Strategy

Home improvement isn’t just a hobby for homeowners who get inspired by watching HGTV, it is also part of being a responsible homeowner. With the right home improvement tasks being executed, families can increase the resale value of their home, improve their lifestyle, and make their property safer. But when most people think of home improvement they tend to drum up tasks like adding a deck, replacing the siding, or adding a new HVAC system. However, homeowners in New Jersey should be especially concerned with the threat of buried oil tanks and therefore call a NJ oil tank removal company to come inspect their property and remove any tank discovered as part of a home improvement plan. 

Why an Oil Tank Removal Company is Worth Calling in NJ?

Many other states don’t need to be concerned by oil tanks, but New Jersey and other states on the east coast call for serious consideration. At the turn of the century oil tanks were buried on properties as a way to supply heat and hot water to homes. However, their life expectancy is about 80 to 100 years. This means that, as of now, they are deteriorating into the ground releasing harmful chemicals and carcinogens into the soil and groundwater.  

You Need the Best Oil Tank Sweep Companies NJ Offers to Detect Hazards 

The first thing an oil tank removal company will do is perform a sweep. An oil tank sweep is a task that requires a specialized team using high-tech equipment to locate tanks underground with sonar. Then, once a tank is detected, soil samples will be taken to determine if remediation is needed. Then oil tank removal teams will excavate the area, remove the tank, transport it, and dispose of it according to NJ state law and government regulations. 

Having an oil tank sweep is a critical home improvement task, as allowing one to rot in your ground can cause a number of devastations. 

Prevent Legal Problems

In NJ (and other states) homeowners can be fined thousands of dollars for a leaking oil tank, whether they are aware of its existence or not. In fact, even if they bought the home decades after it was installed, they are still liable. So if your home was built at the turn of the century, or if there was ever an older home on your land, you should call for an oil tank removal company to come sweep your grounds for a hazard. 

Call an Oil Tank Removal Company in NJ and Protect Your Investment

Your home is likely the largest investment you will ever make, so it only makes sense that if you live in NJ and have an older house that you call an oil tank removal company. A certificate stating your land is free from oil tanks will likely increase the resale value, and certainly make your home stand out on the market. Finally, an oil tank removal company can ensure your home is safe and clean for your family.