Why Parents Look to Online Spanish Lessons for their High School Students for 2020

Learning a language is critical for life and personal success, but with all the added pressure that comes with being a high school student, many teens feel intimidated at the thought of adding a language to their already daunting class roster. To top this off, statistically most high school students report that learning a foreign language is their hardest class, and considering today’s class sizes and they fact that learning a language requires more personal attention, this comes as no surprise. This article is intended to help parents understand why investing in online Spanish lessons for their high school students is a good investment going into the new year. 

Online Spanish Lessons Result in Better Grades

Statistics show that students who take online Spanish classes compared to those who take Spanish from their local high school get better grades. The reasons are simple: as we approach 2020 the average American high school is predicted to see a classroom ratio of 41 students to every teacher. In 2019 that average has been about 35 to one. With only one teacher to recognize the needs of so many students, and with only one teaching style that is meant to accommodate multiple learning styles, receiving a good grade yet alone passing the class is a tougher thing to achieve. But with online Spanish lessons students get the attention they need and therefore perform better. 

Parents Love Online Spanish Classes for their Kids Because it Frees Up their Time

Part of being an attractive candidate to colleges is having a high school curriculum filled with activities, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities. However, taking a language class on campus can severely interfere with a student’s ability to do these things. We already talked about how taking a language class is usually more challenging for students than other classes, so with all the extra time being dedicated to getting a passing grades, kids tend to have less time to play baseball, join the debate club, write for the school paper, or spend time doing fundraising projects–all things that look great on transcripts for college. 

When high school students take online Spanish classes, and they take a course from an accredited company like Language Bird that schedules the class around their time, students have an amazing range of flexibility to not only take their online Spanish lessons when it is convenient for them, but they are also given more time in the day to focus on the other big things that matter towards their goal of getting into a good college. So when students schedule online Spanish classes first thing in the morning before school, on weekends, or right after Monday Night Football, their stress factor is lowered, they have less on their mind to worry about, and more free time in the day to cultivate excellence.